OsteoStrong helps improve balance

At age 30, virtually everyone starts to lose muscle strength. In fact, if eating right and working out could hold off this natural course of aging, we would see professional athletes continuing their careers well beyond their 30’s. 

One of the symptoms of declining musculoskeletal strength is a loss of balance. Because you engage your central nervous system and entire musculoskeletal system in a brief but very unique way at OsteoStrong, one of the benefits is an almost instant improvement in balance and agility. In fact, it's one of the first things that people notice.

OsteoStrong helps improve posture

Dramatic improvements can happen quickly at all ages with regular OsteoStrong sessions. Both members below experienced the results shown here in less than 8 sessions (2-months). Many others see similar results because of the unique yet simple way that OsteoStrong sessions engage the entire musculoskeletal chain.

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